Carmel Curls For Days

Facetune_26-08-2019-07-42-49 2.JPG

Deciding to color my curls was not a quick decision guys, especially because I’ve been growing these curls for AWHILE.

I ended up coloring my hair ultimately because I knew I needed to refresh my look, plus I was well overdue for a massive trim of my ends.

I ended up getting my hair colored by Kyra Brown , a chicago stylist. You can find her here. My experience was great. My hair is still very healthy. I am alot more careful with it though because I know color can be harsh.

Currently to maintain my hair, I am doing 30 days of no heat with lots of conditioning to focus on moisture. So I’ll be wearing buns, twists and other low manipulation hair styles to maintain the health and length of my hair.

Got more questions about my curls, leave them below!

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